So over the past couple of years most exhibitions have been cancelled due to the virus but now as we have entreered 2022 things are now starting to open up again and we are finally able to start exhibtiing again with the various layouts that we exhibit as a group.

The first trip out is with Wainthrop Bridge, whilst it’s not a 1980s layout its still an exhibition layout and we are set to exhibit at the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace on the 19th & 20th March.

After that we are are exhibiting at the following shows:

Perth 25th – 26th June. Charwelton into the 80s
Wigan 1st -2nd October Charwelton into the 80s
GETS 8th -9th October A little suprise!

As well as those listed above, we will be supporting a few smaller local shows with various demonstrations that we are able to do.

If you are at a show listed above then please pop by the layout and say hi.

See you all soon.