exhibition appearances

Please note that some of the exhibition websites we have linked to are updated closer to the time of the show.

Due to the current Covid-19 virus,

some of our forth coming appearances have been cancelled.

With the on going sitiuation, as soon as we have any information we will ammend the the information below.

Oct 2021


Charwelton into the 80s

April 2022


Thorne Yard

May 2022


Charwelton into the 80s

Oct 2022

Great electric Train show

Thorne Yard

Nov 2023


Charwelton into the 80s


Sept 2024


Charwelton into the 80s

Nov 2024


Charwelton into the 80s

More dates

coming soon

The information listed here was correct at the time of listing and may be subject to change for various reasons. Please check for the latest information before travelling to a show to see us.